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Maintaining Your Bathroom Grates

In order to maintain the top quality finish of your chrome plated brass floor waste grates, shower waste grates and bath wastes, please ensure you regularly clean the surface and avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubbers.

If left unattended these grates can quickly take on a tarnished or rusted appearance. In many cases small black spots will begin to appear and if not cleaned, will spread across the surface of the grate. This effect is caused by bacterial spores attaching to the chrome and multiplying across the grate. This unsightly growth can easily be removed by using a non-abrasive metal cleaner and soft cloth. Once cleaned the integrity of the chrome finish will remain.

It is important to continually keep the grate clean as the bacteria will continue to attach and spore. If left for an extended period of time this could cause permanent damage to the chrome finish. It is worth noting that bathrooms which do not see much use tend to fall victim to the bacteria before bathrooms which incur daily use.

Plastec are exploring different options to help limit this issue including the use of new anti-bacterial technologies and stainless steel products.

This problem is not isolated to Plastec grates and the same care and cleaning should be applied to other wastes and grates in the household. For best results we recommend a product called Autosol Metal Cleaner which can be purchased at any hardware or auto supplier.

How to Purchase

Plastec products can be purchased through leading plumbing distributors throughout Australia.

Maintaining Your Bathroom Grates