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Your Solution to Reactive Soils

When soils move, they do so in a wave like motion. This movement can inflict extreme force and pressure on plumbing systems which, when compromised, can result in major property damage.

Plastec’s range of Swivel and Expansion Joints are designed to help overcome this movement and should be your first choice when it comes to selecting plumbing fittings for use in reactive soil sites.

We have a Watermark approved solution for a range of soil site classifications. The complete range includes:

Expansion Joints – With the ability to be installed either vertically or horizontally, Expansion Joints are the ideal solution for pipe repair, providing a water tight seal while allowing for soil movement.

Expansion Elbows – Ideal for use below inspection openings and in installations where lack of height could be an issue.

Swivel Joints – Allowing for up to 40 degrees of swivel movement, Plastec’s Swivel Joints have been independently air tested in excess of 200kps and do not require the use of toxic root inhibitor tape.

Combination Joints – Allowing for up to 40 degrees of swivel movement they provide the benefits of both an Expansion Joint and Swivel Joint combined in one compact fitting.

HDPE – HDPE version of Expansion Joints and Combination Joints are also available.

This graph represents soil classifications as identified in the Australian Standards ATS5200.055:

How to Purchase

Plastec products can be purchased through leading plumbing distributors throughout Australia.

Your Solution to Reactive Soils