All Plastec warehouses and office will be closed from 12 noon 23rd December 2021 and will return at 7:00am 4th January 2022

Plastec manufactures a complete range of PVC Drain Waste & Vent (DWV) plumbing fittings for plumbers, tilers & waterproofers. Sizes range from DN40 to DN400.

Our drain waste and vent (DWV) products are ideally suited for the plumbing and construction industries, providing all drain waste and vent fittings. Whether the application is for domestic residential applications or large industrial and commercial construction projects, Plastec’s product range has you covered.

Our PVC Drain Waste & Vent products are available in various thicknesses and sizing options, including our CivilTec Heavy Duty range which is ideally suited for commercial and civil projects. This range includes bends, junctions, reducing junctions, inspection pieces and level invert tapers. Designed and manufactured with additional thickness than standard DWV fittings and features an additional support gusset to added strength.

Plastec also manufactures a Heavy Duty DWV range. This range includes bends, junctions, inspection openings and expansion couplings. Key features include increased thickness for additional support and is suitable for use in reactive soils.

Also available are Plastec’s Reflux Valves. Key features include easy access for inspection and servicing, adjustable riser height, prevents rodents entering through pipes and prevents rising stormwater into property. Available in both DN100 and DN150 sizes.

To complement the DWV range includes surrounds, finishing collars and grates. Our grates are ideal for overflow relief gully mound with a loose fit grate for simple access. Solvent welds onto standard DWV DN100. The flat grate range are available as a socket, that goes over pipe, or as a spigot that is fitted inside pipe.

Plastec products can be purchased through leading plumbing distributors throughout Australia.